Can the lecture Married?


Finally I explained to them the principles I for married when it was ready and able. Not only able to treasure, you know, but also mentally. They can cincin pernikahan terbaru , anyway. Instead I became a kind of paved the way, because after I got married, a lot of other friends who catch up. Yeay!




Sofie and her husband drg


L: palingan friends on ngegodain. I, anyway, just relaxing. But there’s also, say, lecturers also know that if I were married. But there’s also say, “Why still go to college?” Hahaha. Surprised, really, hear comments like that.


H: Well, on the scene! To be sure, the response was positive. Even so there is a follow-up want to get married while still in college.


There is no difference, ngampus while still single and after marriage?


S: After marriage, I’d be more focus on learning because there is no temptation to go courting, lol. Palingan hanging out with my friends only occasionally.


L: After marriage, my activities on campus to be reduced, but not because of marriage, but because it is the final semester. Before, I often come committees campus events. For college myself, I even become more vigor, especially I do have a target to pass 3.5 years.


A somewhat changed, I became more cautious carry yourself, because now I’m so bring the good name of the husband. I avoid campus activities at night. If not the essentials really, so I do not follow or permission to go home sooner. This is indeed kesepakatanku with her husband. When I was single, I could have a meeting until the early hours of campus events. If now prefer morning activities.


But I still like to go out with friends, anyway. A task that had to be worked on until late at night or even corruption of 1.5 months in the village also I can still live.






H: Because my wife and both activists in the campus organization, we understand each other so that no activity. But after marriage, we did slightly reduce involvement on campus.


Kepikiran postpone having children until graduation?


S: No, tuh. I actually pregnant fitting semester 8. After graduation, I went straight to college again ngambil Dental Profession program for 2 years. Do not wear off! So, I ngurus children while learning. There was once a time, a nanny I was suddenly sick, I finally got to take the child to college. But the fun-fun aja, tuh. I even dijagain children and disuapin friends sekampus.


Alhamdulillah, although marriage and having children, I managed to graduate from college on time.

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This is the 15 Signs Perfect girlfriend to marry

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15 Signs Perfect girlfriend to marry. Who does not want to meet Mr.Right immediately? All women definitely want to find a soul mate as soon as possible and establish a more serious relationship up to marriage.

But how do I know that you have met with less man who will be the companion of your life forever?

Pretty easy anyway to tell if your girlfriend is your soul mate today who actually knows not, and whether he deserves to marry or not. Here it is a sign cincin pernikahan pria you have a boyfriend so perfect for you invite marriage.

He listened to

He could not escape from you

She shared about what she felt

He could accept

He supports what you want to do

He is interested in what makes you comfortable and happy

He makes you laugh

He believed you

He did not avoid conflicts

He included you in any plans

He cares

She cooked for you

He asks when he was with family and friends

He respects you

He refused to budge with his ego

Couples who showed character as above is a man who already do not want to mess with a relationship in which he moved. If he already shows a sincere attitude and without a doubt make you a part of his life, then you will know whether he’s right sendrinya the Mr.Right that so far you would expect. You will know by itself, believe it with your heart.

So, if you currently have a girlfriend who has character as above, wait no more, fruits relationship more seriously and rise to levels more stable soon.

Immune System Boosting Tips On Your Body

Actually tips to boost your body’s immune system in a series of activities that is very easy to do by anyone without interrupting the main activity of a person, it’s just that many people are unaware that it is very important to do. In addition quite many people who sometimes underestimate the importance of the body’s immune system, the which in fact if you know it will provide many benefits to the health of one’s body. Our own immune system is a bastion for immunity there are various diseases that will enter the body, for Reviews those who have an immune system tubuhyang very good then it will be very rare disease.
Immune System Boosting Tips On Your Body
And until now, not a few people who do not know how to improve the body’s immune system or immune system, the which actually berbaagai kinds of health information is of course already will Easily find on berbaagi media as in the tabloid health and Also in berbaagi media on line.
And below are some tips to boost your body’s immune system in the which we can all know
The first thing to do is routine and regular exercise, Because when you exercise, the immune system will Increase. Additionally, when you exercise the body will megeluarkan Also various poisons or toxins through perspiration, so the heart along with other organs can continue to work optimally.
The second thing to do is to meet the needs of a break in your daily life, try to always have a quality rest every night. Yes, Because as we all know that if the body kurnag rest then the immune system will decline, especially if the activities Carried out in everyday life is very solid. That is why try to be Able to have quality rest time up to 8 hours a day.
The third thing inside tips to boost your immune system in the body is to Consider the intake of foods that are consumed in everyday life, Because The body’s immune system is strong the person IS ALSO derived from a healthy digestive system. So from that consume a balanced diet in terms of both nutrition and Also the amount, but It is also the consumption of a wide variety of fruits that Contain vitamin C. Because vitamin C naturally immune fruits you get through then you will Become stronger.

Desire Woman On Her face Not Just Dream Again

Desire Woman On Her face Not Just Dream Again

Beautiful face and white is a dream for every woman, so many women who perform a variety of facial treatments to get a facial ptuih and clean. One way they do that is by using a cream kilogram. Kiloan face cream is one of the cost saving way to get a beautiful face, white and radiant. Therefore many women who choose to use face cream kilogram to beautify themselves. Caring for the face to be obligatory for women to appear more confident, so many women are willing to spend money higga millions of rupiah just to beautify the face. But for those of you who do not want to spend much money, you can start using face cream kiloan.

So what are the advantages that we can feel after using the cream kilogram to this face? Here are some reviews:

  1. The face became white and clean. By using kiloan face cream that matches your skin, then you can get skin more white and clean. Because the cream will blend with the skin and produce optimal results.
  2. Save use. If you buy a face cream with a well-known brand, then you can only get a small bottle at a great price. However, different if you use a face cream kilogram whose contents are many and can last a long time to use.

That’s the main advantage that we can get in the use of facial cream kilogram, so many women are turning to use cream instead of buying a kilogram of cream with a famous brand, but the price is exorbitant. Even the results shown kilogram of cream face with cream under the brand famous result is not much different. If we routinely use a face cream kilogram regularly and in accordance with its operation, then we can get the optimal result. Economic use is also made of cream facial beauty treatments of the most sought-after women. No need to see a doctor or beauty salon to treat the face with high prices, but you can do it yourself.

To choose what face cream that suits your skin, you can try the face cream tester to the back of your ear or smeared hands. If the cream is not to overreact, then the mark cream is suitable. Imagine if we buy a cream with a well-known brand, but it does not fit in our skin, then we can lose. The use of cream kilogram become more efficient because kilogram face cream can last a long time until many months and it became one of the ways pengehematan for women. although the kilogram facial cream last for months, you should still pay attention to when the expiration date creamnya.

Solution for Women Face Problems

Solution for Women Face Problems

Has a beautiful face, white and clean is a dream for every woman. many ways in which the women to have a face that they craved, and these ways starting from the natural to do the expensive treatments. One of the ways used by women is by using cream kilogram. The use of this kiloan face cream can help women face white and clean. With affordable prices, many women choose a face cream for facial treatments kilogram them. If you previously interested in performing facial treatments are expensive, then you should have to think about it a thousand times because there is a more attractive solution and certainly cheaper.

The use of facial cream kiloan be a solution for those of you who want to treat the face with the cheap price but the results as a result of the facial treatment is expensive. Here are some advantages cream kilogram:

  1. It’s cheap and easy to get. At a bargain price then you can save your buying crem face.
  2. There are various types and flavors. Nowadays many kilogram face cream made from natural ingredients, such as herbs or fruit. So you can adjust to your skin type.
  3. The results were almost the same as the cream of the doctor or brand names although the kilogram face cream prices relatively cheaper.

Seeing some of the advantages of face cream kiloan it, then you can consider it again to make your skin care cream. while there are facial treatments are cheaper and have great results, then you do not need to spend money to millions of rupiah just to do facials. With its cheap price, a lot of cream kilogram sought by women. first a lot of people who believe that the kilogram face cream contains chemicals that are harmful to tubuh.namun seems it should be removed as it proved today many kilogram face cream that uses the basic ingredients of herbs that can make your face look natural white.

With herbal-based, so you do not have to worry anymore to buy face cream kilogram because certainly been proven safe. Look kilogram facial cream that has received a certificate from BPOM so it is safe to use. In addition, you should try the cream tester to make sure that you are allergic or not with the cream. Many women who have believed in using the cream kilogram for treatment of their faces, in addition to cheap face cream kiloan also has the best quality and maintain security in the manufacturing process so that the face cream can be used by all women according to skin type they have for maximum results ,

Irregular Eating Cause Diseases

Irregular Eating Cause Diseases

Eat into the human need to get the intake of which is converted into energy to do an activity or event. Ideally a regular eating is three times a day, is in the morning, noon, and late afternoon or early evening. However, many people sometimes underestimate mealtime. This is what will bring ulcer disease and several other health problems. With irregular meal times, of course, can have an impact on the amount of intake the body needs to be reduced.

Among the three meals, breakfast being the category most widely abandoned by some people. Though the need of nutrition is very important for the brain and the body in the activities of the morning until noon. There are many reasons why breakfast is a habit that is left behind, among others, lazy, hurry off to work or school, raised sleepiness after breakfast, bored with the menu being served, and others. In addition to breakfast, dinner was sometimes left with a lot of dietary reasons for some people. Though this irregular eating habits that can lead to various health problems such as:

Nutrient Absorption Disorders

Irregular eating habits can cause impaired absorption of nutrients in the body. It is caused by a system that requires a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to metabolize that can inhibit the activity. Besides, if experiencing a shortage of these substances can result in the body that took the vitamins and nutrients from other parts of the body. Though the vitamins and nutrients that already have their respective roles.


Food consumed would provide a source of energy to move. While our bodies work for 10 to 12 hours every day. If you are not a regular diet then the body will continue to work uninterrupted. In the absence of food intake, then there will not be consumed, whereas digestive system will still work. The impact of the digestive system will hurt the digestive organs themselves.

Incidence of Disease

A disease that often arise when irregular eating patterns is an ulcer. This is caused by gastric organ we do not work according to time. Hull would not be accustomed to a diet that keeps changing. As a result, the stomach can not adjust the time it works, so can damage the hull itself.

Eliminate Acne Scars

Eliminate Acne Scars

Many women are vying to whiten the skin or skin conjure be as pretty as a doll. Not a few who want a face like celebrities like the princess in the world of entertainment. There injecting, remove dead skin cells with a gel, embroidery and many more ways do. That certainly was not obtained for free. A lot of money they are willing to spend to get the skin is desirable. But now you can save more by buying cream kiloan more economical and practical.

Not all creams are sold freely secured, because many of these creams that contain cosmetic ingredients that accelerate in beautifying the face, but in the long run will ruin its face. Not a bit of cream that would make your skin peel and become irritated. So, you still have to be careful in buying or using creams kilogram because in this modern era every person justifies any means to earn money. Mainly from selling creams that demand by women who want to beautify the face easily and cheaply.

You do not need to wonder how to get the cream kilogram cheaper than other facial creams that are sold in smaller amounts mini with various famous brands. Many are already providing services sold cream in kilogram quantity, either by selling directly to the seller in a cosmetic shop or sell from a web site on the Internet. Cream sold in kilogram quantity is what you get with a cheaper price, approximately US $ 250,000 for each of the cream in the size of one kilogram. If you think buying a cream in the amount of the kilogram is the portion is too much, you can resell the cream in smaller amounts to those who membutuhhkan cream at a price which is much cheaper. This of course will make you get other benefits, besides you can also use the cream at a cheap price.

Can Also Offers Beautiful Shining

Can Also Offers Beautiful Shining

Facial and body skin clean and youthful is a dream for every woman. Many women end up choosing to use a cream that helps to overcome problems such as facial skin dull, pimply, greasy, have a lot to feel his skin wrinkle black teralu. The amount of money that must be spent for any cream, these women ultimately choose to buy cream kilogram more efficient and economical than buying cream doctor, who for a creamnya could cost reaches Rp 80,000 and does not include physician fees, consulting fees or transportation costs ,

A large number of cream kilogram which is usually sold at a cheaper price makes this cream to be more economical and more efficient. Cream in small packs namely those that can only be used within one week or one month. Therefore, we can save by buying this cream kilogram quantities. But you also have to be careful because many who peddle cream with mixed materials such as mercury or hydroquinone are able to whiten the skin in an instant, but the side effects caused by cream dangerous this is very harmful for the skin, either in the long term and in the short term ,

But you also need not worry excessively. Cream kiloan does not necessarily mean the fake cream. This cream is usually the same as the cream-owned physician, only the shape is still in the form of basic materials and in large numbers. Moreover, usually cream sold physicians become more expensive compared to cream sold in the amount of kilogram for certain brands which are already embedded in the creams are sold in packaging, make the cream more attractive or because the cream is already a concoction of doctors has a unique composition. Things you should consider is do not buy the cream in any pejual. Buy a cream that is safe from a trustworthy seller and have graduated from a laboratory test or medical materials.

Benefits of Sleep Days

Benefits of Sleep Day

Benefits nap it can heal and avoid dangerous diseases, a nap is not always harmful to humans. Most people ignore the importance of naps although just 1 hour. Whereas a nap is a relaxation of the body of the myriad activities undertaken and to calm nerves strained by activity in the lead.

Most people do tend to always think to finish the job as quickly as possible, but do you know if napping also good for health.

Benefits of Sleep Day
1. Improve brain memory
Benefits turns nap can improve memory in the brain, is very good especially for the elderly (the elderly). Due to the increasing age, they tend melupakkan past memory and memory loss.

For children, it can improve the workings of the brain in remembering things. The children were just as important for their learning and may mengkhafal any lessons they get in school. It is said that the benefits of sleep is a duplication of benefits of water for the health of our bodies, “launched everything”.

2. Increase Vigilance
3. Improve Mood
4. Improve Function Sense and Creativity
5. Overcoming Insomnia
6. Reduce Stress
7. Preventing heart disease and stroke
8. Improve Body Health

When asked what the benefits of napping most powerful to us? the answer is to increase alertness. Jobs that require alertness such as a driver, pilot, field workers, even computer experts and programmers it is important to take a nap if it had not restrained. Do not underestimate this short nap, but of course naps should be done appropriately

Type Naps
To get the most benefit from a nap, we should recognize three types of naps:
Naps are planned. Happens when you take a nap before really sleepy. You can use this technique to find that you need a break before going on fatigue and dizziness.
Napping emergency. Occurs when suddenly you are very tired and unable to continue routine activities. Type nap can be used to combat sleepiness while driving or fatigue while using heavy machinery, and this must be done because it would be dangerous.
Nap routine. Done when a person takes a nap at the same time every day. Small children might fall asleep at the same time every afternoon or an adult may take a short nap after lunch every day.

Naps Good Tips
Naps should be done wisely, because if not then instead of benefits, but the disease is accumulating. Here are some tips if you want to take a nap and get the optimal benefits from the process.
A short nap is usually recommended for 20-30 minutes to improve short-term vigilance. Type this nap will provide significant benefits to increase alertness and performance without disturbing hours of sleep at night.
Try not to nap before 12 noon
Make sure your bed is comfortable
Make sure the room temperature to suit your needs
Do not take a nap late (usually late afternoon) because it will interfere with sleep patterns at night. Because of the quality and benefits of sleep at night is also much better.
If you are an employee, make sure that if the eye has been difficult to open ( ‘5 watt’) for permission to sleep a few minutes (20-30) minutes but does not interfere with your work. If you are a boss, be sure not prohibit this activity, especially if the employee’s job is vital.

Football Details The Cannot Enjoy Without

While a lot of people think about athletics, they often think about hockey, sports, along with hockey. Nevertheless, little league is an extremely fun sport that is similar to many of these athletics. Whether or not you might have executed farm ville, these details are sure to aid. Through reading through under, know more about some good strategies regarding how to certainly be a top-notch baseball player.

Football Details The Cannot Enjoy Without

About to catch without any your participate in if the soccer ball can be passed. Rather, path your team mate anyone handed the particular basketball to be able to in order to acquire the best situation that you should assist your ex. A great group fellow member will cross the idea for you personally should you be open up.

Is the foremost football parent or guardian actually, you ought to have sensible expectation from the kid. You ought to have the clear perspective in the child’s functions and attempt to inspire them to merely participate in as well as achievable. Create entice your youngster directly into enjoying better with different goodies or perhaps force excellent taking part in ability along with threat involving punishment. Remember baseball ought to be exciting.

Wonderful soccer mothers and fathers by no means impede instruction. On your little one’s football online game make sure you stay positive and encouraging and turn into a fantastic sport. Will not subsequent speculate the mentors. if you are looking in training, you’ll want to provide the solutions anyone supply, try not to build a bug involving your self on the child’s football online game.

Exactly where you are well on the location, attempt to sustain point of view about the total region. Knowing wherever your own teammates are will help you move the actual soccer ball quickly as well as your opponents perplexed. You don’t have to check out the actual soccer ball too meticulously to remain inside the total online game. You are more likely to secure a pass when you’re within a relatively open up area surrounding the location.

You should feel relaxed with regards to talking about troubles to a new people in the crew, even though you lately joined up with they will. Suggest new techniques or even attract his or her concentrate on errors you noticed. A bunch can be helped by a new standpoint round the approaches and also behavior they’ve already used.

You must exercise if you need to work well with football. It doesn’t only indicate practicing while using the group, but alone in your own home also. Kicking the particular sports close to your garden will help to improve your current sport round the place throughout game titles.

As you can see, football is definitely an quite enjoyable sport for everybody. Should you be acquiring sick and tired of taking part in the identical sports activities, think about testing Berita Sepak Bola. Make use of the high-quality soccer assistance provided from the earlier mentioned article so you will learn how to much better enjoy this specific game have a ball although working on the project.

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