Breast Actives Review

I first heard about breast actives from a youtube video (embedded below).

I wasn’t really satisfied with my breast size, shape, perkiness, you name it but It was never a big deal for me to do anything about it. Heck, I never though that there is something that I can do to change it.

But I was really impressed with this woman’s journey and progress with Breast actives and that’s when I got myself a 6 month supply to see what Breast Actives can do for me.

Honestly, it was the best money I’ve spent in the past 5 years and yes that includes my boots collection.

Anyway, the Breast actives kit comes with 3 things.

First is the breast enhancement cream.

You have to apply the cream on your breasts after your daily shower. The cream contains a phyto-estrogen that promotes hormonal growth of your breasts that lead to a natural growth in breast size along with smoother, softer and more naturally shaped breasts.

The second thing that you get with the kit are pills.

These pills are to be taken to encourage the development process and are to be taken daily as directed.

The third thing you get is a set of exercises and an instruction manual that contains all the information you need to use breast actives. You’ll learn the exercises that promote breast enhancement and how to use the cream and take the pills for best results.

Is it Safe?

As far as I’ve experienced, there are no side effects except a bit of soreness for the first few weeks but you should definitely read the ingredients once to make sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

But as far as, any non-allergic side effects are considered, you don’t have to be worried about anything since all ingredients are natural.

Are there any alternatives to Breast Actives?

Even though breast actives is one of the top recommended products in the market.

However, if for any reason, you aren’t able to order it then you can go for Brestrogen which is another breast enhancement supplement that we published a review on, You can read our brestrogen review here.

Apart from Breast actives and brestrogen, some other options that you might like to check out are :

1. Total Curve

This is a new one so we’re counting on a new formula that is more effective.

2. Naturaful

Known for good customer reviews. Naturaful is definetly the third option to go with if you don’t like Breast Actives or Brestrogen.

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Need more alternatives?

Here are our favourite alternatives to Brestrogen:

1. Breast Actives

2. Naturaful